History of WYT
Sat Jan 20, 2018

Registered Charity No:1000240

The Worthing Youth Theatre was formed in 1980, having evolved from the Connaught Young People’s Theatre Scheme. The organisation started at the Connaught but over the years has had to find alternative venues throughout the town. It has met at Crescent Rd, now ‘Welcome In’, The Sidney Walter Centre, The Glynn Owen Centre, The Ritz and is now based at The Rosie in Littlehampton Rd

The Organisation
The WYT is a dynamic youth drama club for young people from 8 – 20 years. The membership is for all young people regardless of talent; mixing social activities with drama input. The membership of over 100, is integrated and children with special needs are as involved and active as any other member, gaining tremendous confidence and high self-esteem through this valuable experience.

The regular weekly sessions allow the young people to express their thoughts and feelings, develop their communication skills and explore their personal potential.

In 2008 the senior sessions developed to include media activities. This group is now known as WORTHING YOUTH MEDIA.

The Leaders
The organisation is managed by a Management Committee. 

The leaders who run the drama and media sessions are highly qualified in their field.

Youth Representatives sit on a management committee to put forward their ideas in making decisions.

The younger members from 8 – 14yrs concentrate on drama activities and regularly put on performances.

The senior members 14 – 21yrs have expanded their activities to include filmmaking and animation